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Justin Bieber Concert in Indonesia

JAKARTA - Canadian teen pop singer, Justin Bieber, deliberately choosing Indonesia as one of the concert, because Indonesia is the largest barn Bieber fans in Asia.

It was said Neelam Vaswani, CEO Marygops Studio, the promoter responsible for bringing it to the Indonesian Baby chanter.

"Justin knew from the Internet when Indonesia was a lot of fans. Even the largest in Asia. So, why not come to Indonesia, "Neelam said when met at EX Plaza, Central Jakarta, Saturday (01/22/2011).

Justin Bieber (Foto: Ist.)

It took many months to convince himself Justin Bieber management, in order to come to Indonesia.

"Anyway we mas for months, to convince them. Anyway we really work hard, "said Neelam.

Unfortunately Neelam has not been willing to tell more about the concept of the concert stage later, "Later, two or three weeks we will hold a press conference anyway," he promised.

Justin Bieber concert scheduled to be held at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor, on 23 April.

It's about 4000 more tickets were sold directly on the first day at Plaza EX, from a total of about 10,500 tickets. The rest sold online through rajakarcis.com which opened next week.

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